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Offering Cory Products to your Clients

sample-productsOur pricing structure encourages the professional piano technician and piano dealer to meet a common need coupled with profitability.

As service professionals we are continually asked which products we would recommend for piano care. It is equally important to equip our clients with proper care products for maintaining the most important item in the home, the piano.

We offer humidity control systems, repairs, regulating, frequent tunings or recommended maintenance time frames. Equally important, when servicing pianos, I tighten plate bolts, adjust pedals, clean the piano’s keys and dust & polish the instrument. The client not only appreciates the thorough service but also is interested in “how” to maintain their investment. Cory Products provides the “finishing touches” on the service call. Including this service is an added benefit for both our reputation as a service professional and affords us the opportunity to meet their needs. This approach is what I’ve termed, “Achieving the complete piano service”.

We’ve created a wonderful kit which includes six of our outstanding products, cleaner & polisher cloths, all in a zippered vinyl case. The service kit contains 2 oz. bottles and is easily taken into the home. Keeping in mind that technicians don’t want take “everything” into the home and pack light, the Technician’s Service Kit fits into most tool cases.

We have Ultimate Care Kits designed for each piano finish which customers find a delight as the kits contain all they need to keep their piano looking beautiful. The kits include 100% fleece, non-abrasive cleaner & polishing cloths as well as Key-Brite and the proper polish for the piano’s finish.

I personally have a separate case, left in the car, with Ultimate Care Kits, 4 & 8 oz. Bottles of various products such as Super High-Gloss Polish, Satin Sheen, Revive, All-Brite, etc. Should the client show interest, product availability is only steps away. The separate case also allows me to bring it indoors each evening during the winter months to avoid product freeze.

Private Labeling

sample-private-labelWe also offer “private labeling”, an excellent way to keep your name, phone number, logo and website in the forefront, each time your client uses their new Cory products. The requirement for private labeling is purchasing 36 of any one product. We do run specials at times that private labeling qualifies for 36 mix and match. Should you desire Ultimate Care Kits, the minimum order is 12 and we’ll put your information on the banner with logo as well. We also waive any “set-up” fees as we would like to encourage you to take full advantage of this offer. Private labeling is yet one more advertising method, keeping your business name and reputation in front of your customers. You may order here on the website and simply send your logo in .png format (jpeg will do should you not have a .png) and email to We will tag your order to the logo. Should you not have a log/graphic, email your name or business name as you would like it to appear on the bottle. Please include your telephone number you wish for clients to use.

Piano Dealers & the store front

sample-displayPiano dealers also find private labeling an added benefit. Including an Ultimate Care Kit with each piano sale is an excellent way for repeat business and referrals. Foot traffic is an important aspect for the piano store. Keeping a complete inventory of Cory cleaners & polishes on hand will help in that regard.  Unfortunately, we are no longer able to provide an offering of the “Dealer Display” as our supplier discontinued our model.

Should you have any questions regarding our products, marketing ideas or other inquiries, please contact us using the contact page. We wish you continued success and thank you for your patronage.

Dave Swartz, RPT
Cory Products, LLC


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