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What product(s) should I use on my piano’s finish?

First you will need to determine the piano’s “type” of finish.  We have an informative article with video that will prove helpful in our News & Resource section.   Also, each product has descriptions and many with individual videos for further explanation.  You may read the article here.

What product(s) should I use to remove fine surface scratches?

We are very close to putting to market a new 3 part scratch removal system with detailed instructions.  A demonstration video will be available for instruction and guidance. Coming Soon!

What is the purpose of Pre-Polish Finish Cleaner?

Many times over the life of a piano, various cleaners, waxes, cleaning agents and oils have been applied to the piano’s finish.  Some of those products contain paraffin waxes, alcohol, ammonia or various types of petroleum bases.  Several of our products are water based which are not compatible with solvents or oils.  Also, conflicting products contaminate the finish, making it difficult to achieve a beautified look.  We recommend cleaning a finish first, removing any contaminants, oils, grime, etc. before attempting to use a polish.  Our Pre-Polish Finish Cleaner is designed to gently but effectively clean and prepare the finish for our polish.  The direct link to Pre-Polish Finish Cleaner is here.



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