Prop Wash



Prop Wash is a superb alkaline wash with superior rinsability. A highly concentrated formula, Prop Wash easily removes dirt, grime, grease, bugs and road tar. One may use Prop Wash at higher strengths for pre-spotting, removing the toughest grime. Prop Wash is safe for your entire airplane, auto or bike and leaves a sqeaky clean shine! Prop Wash is also an excellent cleaner for doors, windows and garage floors. May be used with high pressure washers.

Directions: Simply add 2 to 4 oz’s. of Prop Wash to a gallon of water. Pre-soak item(s) to be cleaned with water. Work in sections, rinsing before moving on to the next section. We recommend washing vehicles in the shade if at all possible and allowing time for your vehicle to cool. For pre-spotting, Prop Wash may be used full strength or diluted 3 parts water to 1 part Prop Wash, using a spray applicator for extra dirty areas such as wheels, chains, drive shafts.

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